Harry’s Army

D Day Veteran Harry Billinge from Cornwall has been a relentless and dedicated supporter of the Normandy Memorial Trust since 2018.

Harry has committed himself to ensuring that a permanent monument commemorates the sacrifices made by his friends, honouring the bond of comradeship forged on the sands of Normandy in the summer of 1944.

Harry is often seen on the High Street in St Austell, proudly wearing his medals and green beret, collecting money from passers-by and telling youngsters about what happened during the war to ensure his friends’ sacrifice is never forgotten.

Harry has personally raised more than £25,000 to date for the Memorial and he needs your help to ensure that his friends will never be forgotten.

Meet Harry here. 

Recruits to Harry’s Army will be the face of the Normandy Memorial Trust in their local communities. They will raise awareness of the immense sacrifice made 75 years ago by the 22,442 men and women under British command who fought and died for our freedom.

You will also be helping Harry to raise vital funds for the completion of the British Normandy Memorial to a truly fitting standard – leaving a lasting tribute so that those gallant & brave servicemen and women will never be forgotten by this and future generations.

How you could help Harry

You could create your very own ‘Harry’s Regiment’ or go solo as a “soldier”. Either way you will meet new people, make new friends and have fun; using your time and skills to take an active role in your local area in a way that suits you best!

Harry’s Regiments

Why not gather your friends & family to form a “Regiment”? With support and resources from the Normandy Memorial Trust you will get the chance to be self-directive. Choose how often to meet up and organise a range of events; from cash collections and pub quizzes to bake sales and bike rides. You may also consider introducing the British Normandy Memorial to schools, community groups and businesses in your local area.

Harry’s Soldiers

If you prefer to work independently, you could resource and oversee the allocation of important collection tins in your local area to help raise money. Represent the Trust at Armed Forces and Veteran events; create your own events and/or take on challenges from skydiving to knitting …and more.

How we will support you

The NMT team can provide fundraising material for any of your activities from leaflets, banners, badges and T-shirts. We can work with you to create marketing materials for any events you are hosting and always be on hand with friendly advice and encouragement.

Whether you’re interested in joining Harry’s Army, or just want to find out more, please contact us at Harry.Army@normandymemorialtrust.org

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