D-DAY - 75 STORIES: Reg Rumbles' Diary

Today’s story is about Reg Rumbles, who served on HMS Largs during D-Day, a Combined Operations Headquarters ship.

 It was his job to send updates on the invasion via morse code back to Britain.

His family in West London knew he’d served in the war, but they didn’t know what his war time diary contained until, one day, they found it in the loft.

Here – reading from his Dad’s original diary from nearly 75 years ago – is Brian Rumbles, Reg’s son.

22,442 people from over 30 countries gave their lives whilst serving with British units on D-Day and during the Battle of Normandy.

The Normandy Memorial Trust is building the British Normandy Memorial to commemorate their heroism and sacrifice.

The ‘22,442 Sacrifice for Freedom Campaign’ is raising funds to complete the project. You can donate to the campaign by visiting this link.

Your support and generosity is very much appreciated. Thank you.


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