D-Day - 75 Stories: George Batts MBE, Leg d’Hon

On Thursday 6 June, it will be 75 years since D-Day.

The Normandy Memorial Trust is counting down to this historic landmark by sharing a series of stories of valour and selflessness which it has discovered.

The Normandy Memorial Trust is building the British Normandy Memorial.

It will commemorate the 22,442 people who were killed whilst serving under British command during the Battle of Normandy, between 6 June and 31 August 1944.

D-Day Veteran George Batts is our patron. George landed on Gold Beach on the morning of D-Day itself; a Sapper tasked with clearing mines and booby traps. He was just 18 years old.


The ‘22,442 Sacrifice for Freedom Campaign’ is raising funds to complete the British Normandy Memorial. You can donate to the campaign by visiting this link.

Your support and generosity is very much appreciated.




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