D-Day - 75 Stories: Boatswain Thomas Milligan

Today’s story is about Boatswain Thomas Hardwyre Milligan, one of the oldest people to be named on the British Normandy Memorial.

He was a merchant seaman, who served on one of the hundreds of civilian vessels requisitioned by the war time government to support the invasion of Normandy.

Merchant Seafarers like Boatswain Milligan played a vital role in ‘Operation Neptune’, the Cross Channel convoys which kept D-Day and the Battle of Normandy going.

Boatswain Milligan’s story is read by Andrew Choong, Curator of Historic Photographs & Ship Plans at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich.

Images courtesy of the Council of the National Army Museum.

The ‘22,442 Sacrifice for Freedom Campaign’ is raising funds to complete the British Normandy Memorial. You can donate to the campaign by visiting this link.

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